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 America is about Freedom!
American Dream Management Incorporated is one of the few real opportunities today enabling you to perform a service to your community and make some money for yourself at the same time. The salvation of the original “American Dream” depends, to a great extent, on the development of a true and viable entrepreneurial business class. Our purpose at American Dream Management Incorporated is to give Americans a hand up; not a hand out!
Above all, we encourage Americans to learn self-confidence and entrepreneurial skills to improve our country, our way of life, our posterity and ourselves. We want economic freedom for all Americans and we pledge ourselves to this resolve. For those who desire real economic freedom, we at American Dream Management Incorporated may want you to join us. We firmly believe if we help enough people get what they want, we will get what we want.
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Let’s stop and reflect on who would be the best candidates for help. A good candidate for credit repair will generally meet these criteria: has a steady, verifiable source of income; is not currently in arrears on any debts; has derogatory information on his or her credit report that is at least 12 months old. Someone who is unemployed, over his or her head in debt with creditors hounding them, or just needs help managing their money is not a candidate who needs credit repair. They need help of another sort that we cover in debt management and debt relief. Make your appointment to see Ms. Jeanette S. Davis by calling 310-670-7500 The Los Angeles area office is located at 6828 So. LaCienega Blvd. at Centinela or you can find her online at
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